Hope Ministries

Hope at Home

140520082633 We focus mainly in ministering in the homes of the HIV/AIDS victims, especially orphans. Most of these poor families can’t afford a meal in a day, leave alone medication, school fees for their children, housing to mention a few. But we also support poor families, especially in the villages. If you happen to hear their stories, you can’t stop your tears.

Our focus is to support them with food, clothing, medication, housing, school fees for their children etc. Through this we touch many with the love of Christ.

As God provides,  we try to help these families to start self sustaining micro projects.

Hope for Marriage

We conduct couples seminars, retreats and conferences. We offer marriage counseling for couples and conduct premarital seminars and counseling for youth.

Hope for the Lost

We conduct big interdenominational evangelistic crusades in the cities, towns and villages.

We conduct revival seminars, follow-up seminars and encourage small/cell groups for Bible study and fellowship.

Hope for Church Leaders

We conduct short seminars and conferences aiming at equipping Church leaders to be more effective in their respective offices, calling and gifting.

We distribute for free or sell books, CDs, DVDs (as God provides) with sound doctrine.

Helping small/poor churches with appropriate technology, including computers, power point projectors etc.

Helping poor pastors and evangelists in the unreached and unchurched areas with transportation (to some, just a bicycle means a lot), clothing, funds to support the education of their children.

We invite people to donate bibles, bible-helps books and DVDs, and other theological books to help pastors/evangelists who can’t afford to buy one, computers, power point projectors, bicycles, motorcycles, and whatever God is leading to.

Hope for the Needy

We aim to support the needy mostly in the villages; help them with food, clothing, school uniforms, school fees, medication

Help to educate or training people from such villages, with the aim of sending the back to their respective communities to help bring changes in their community.

Hope for the Blind

This is a unique ministry of providing free eye refraction and free or cheap reading glasses to the poor villages. Most of the time we do this in collaboration with local churches. Priority is given to kids. This ministry attracts many people from all sorts of religions and background; and goes hand in hand with the proclamation of the gospel message.

Private: Hope for Students

StudentsReaching the students in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges through preaching and teaching the Word.

Training and equipping the students to reach others for Christ.

Help them with training and follow-up materials

Form HOPE CLUBS whereby, born again students meet together in small Bible study groups to study the Word at the same time encourage and help each other academically. The motto here is: Achieve the best in spiritual and academic life.

Hope for Widows/Widowers

We conduct special training seminars. We have developed a very effective TRAINING MANUAL highlighting on – Traditional beliefs (which controls most of the families in Africa), Government laws and Biblical standards.

Help them to organize independent WIDOWS HOPE GROUPS with the focus of helping each other with spiritual and physical needs.

As God provides, help them to start a self sustaining micro projects. Most of the widows live in extreme poverty due to several reasons.

Hope Village

Our near future plan is to build a “Hope Village” in Tanzania.

This is a multipurpose training center, conference center, organization offices, radio and television center.

We invite you to partner with us to see this need come to pass, to the glory and honor of God.

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